A bright day where swans were singing and vampires were dancing, isn't that nice? "Stefan!" Elena said. "Yes, Elena...." Stefan said back. "Wait do you see that?" Elena asked Stefan. "I am pretty sure that's Halley" Stefan responded. "What now?" Elena yelled in confusion. Halley wore black jeans and a cardigan with a bow on top. Elena looked at Halley in a mysterious way. "I know her..." Elena whispered. "I know who she is" Elena continued. "Wait what?" Stefan interrupted. "All I know about her is that she is in the Petrova bloodline and I have seen her somewhere. And to mention I have heard about her!" Elena said. "Elena look, don't do any of this, please! I know that Caroline's death has made you reckless but please just try to rest." Stefan pleaded. "Stefan I am not a baby anymore and I can handle anything that comes up and your not going to stop me from talking to her or going into her life." Elena yelled. "Wait Ele-!" Stefan yelled as Elena walked towards Halley.