Name: Benjamin Richard Hemming (Lockwood).

Age: 19.

Birthday: 3/5/1992.

Family Members:

Mason Lockwood – Father (Werewolf)

Daciana Hemming - Mother (Werewolf)

Tyler Lockwood - Cousin (Werewolf)

Richard Lockwood - Uncle

Carol Lockwood - Aunt

Species: Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid.

Height: 6’3”.

Hair Colour: Black.

Eye Colour: Blue.

Personality: Ben is very stubborn and determined. He possesses a very dry sense of humour, and rarely smiles. He is short tempered, and can hold a grudge for a long time. Once someone betrays his trust, they almost never gain his forgiveness.



Ben was raised by his Mother, in Cinco Bayou (Florida), and although his father,visited him regularly, he never told Mason what his mother was, or what she planned for him to become. He was his mother’s experiment, when his mother first heard of Klaus, she became obsessed with discovering if  it was possible to ‘create’ another hybrid.

Daciana taught Ben to have no regard for human life, often bringing people back to their home to kill in front of him.

The night before his eighteenth birthday, Daciana attacked and killed a vampire, and used some of it’s blood to turn Ben. After he drank the vampire’s blood, Ben insisted on killing himself; stabbing a knife into his throat. When he woke, his Mother had kidnapped a teenage girl for him to complete his transition; she was also his first kill.

On the full moon of his eighteenth birthday, Ben transformed for the first time; making his Mother’s experiment a success.