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 Bonnie Bennett is a current character. This is a page dedicated to her character in Taylor Manton's version of Season 5.

Bonnie BennettEdit

Bonnie was a Witch, born of the Bennett bloodline, and a descendant of Qetsiyah. Bonnie was in love with Jeremy Gilbert, whom she returned from the dead. In the process of returning Jeremy from death, Bonnie herself died.

Bonnie is a Ghost on The Other Side.

Early LifeEdit

Bonnie lived with her father and mother. Abby Bennett-Wilson, her mother, left at a young age, devastating Bonnie. Bonnie's grandmother, Sheila Bennett, was always a major part of her life.


Witch (Formerly)

Ghost (Currently)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Graduation
Portrayed By Katerina Graham
Family Bennett Family


Witch of The Five


Emily Bennett

Sheila Bennett


Abby Bennett-Wilson

Rudy Hopkins


Ben McKittrick

Luka Martin


Jeremy Gilbert


Mystic Falls Gang

Mystic Falls Coven

Witches of The Other Side

Died In The Walking Dead

The Vampire Diaries (Taylor Manton's)Edit

Season 5Edit

Bonnie is dead, a Ghost on The Other Side communicating with Jeremy, Matt and Amara during the Doppelganger Saga.

Bonnie is put in a Purgatory on The Other Side by Qetsiyah. Sheila Bennett helps free her. Bonnie's life is swapped for Qetsiyah's.

Bonnie has all of Qetsiyah's magic trapped within her body. She scares away Faith Holloway. Bonnie creates the Cure they use on Katherine.

Season 6Edit



As a Ghost:

  • Immortality
  • Intangibility

As a Witch:

  • Magic


As a Ghost:

  • Magic

As a Witch

  • Human Means of Death
  • Overuse of Magic

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