Amelia Henrik Mikaelson Edit

Gender: Female
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Species: Witch - eventually a vampire

Age: 18


Father: Edit

Kol Mikaelson was a ruthless killer, the eternal stud, someone who fantizies in torturing and killing people. Not a dad. And yet, he finds himself in a difficult prediciment when the girl he loves claims to be pregnant with his child. Both of them had been sent back to the tenth century by a witch a month prior, when the Mikaelson's had been human. And when they both came back, they brought something with them.

At first, Kol had been terrified of being a father. He hadn't known what his daughter would think of him, givien his history of murdering people. But as it turns out Amelia was just as compassionate and forgiving as her uncle Elijah, so when the time came for Amelia to learn about her family's history as Original vampires, she forgave him easily along with the rest of her family. Nonetheless, Kol has always loved his daughter. Loved spoling her as a child, watching her grow up to be the women she is today. He had even taken the time to teach her to speak french, german, and viking hebrew fluently, along with the theatrics. Amelia had taken quiet a liking to her father's story telling of shakespear's plays. If he had to say so himself, he'd say that he had this dad thing down pretty well.


Adelynn Petit had always loved Kol, and because he was a vampire, she knew she would have to give up the thought of ever having children o n day. But when Kol and her get sent back in time, bringing something back with them, Adelynn is overjoyed and didn't keep quiet about wanting keeping the child. Amelia's mom had loved her from the beginning, and even though it took Kol a little bit to finally agree that a daughter was a good thing, Adelynn knew that Amelia would be loved by both her parents very much. Growing up, Amelia was spoiled rotten and protected fericely just like everyone other one of her siblings. Adelynn taught her daughter how to protect herself growing up, not just by magic (which Bonnie had worked with her ostn) but physical self defesnce. How to aim and stake someone, how to fire a crossbow, and by the end Amelia would have had the potential to be a hunter.


Amelia had two younger siblings growing up. Wyatt, and Raegan. Although she would never admit it, she had never been quite close to the two of them. They had both taken after the reckless behavior of their parents, Amelia had taken quite a bit after Elijah, burrying herself in acient scrolls her father would often give her. Nonetheless, she loved her younger siblings as much as she loved her parents. Growing up, it was Amelia that taught Raegan and Wyatt to speak viking hebrew, and her that introduced them to the wonder's of shakespear story telling. Despite her protests when they get on her nerves, Amelia will always do anything for her siblings. Anything at all.

Extra Family:

As i mentioned beforehand, Amelia had alwasys seemed to be closest to her uncle Elijah, looking up to him as a young child. They bonded over things that the rest of the family thought was foolish like anicent scrolls and family. Rebekah had of course loved her niece with every ounce of her being, enjoying the time she got to once and a while dress her and do her hair. Niklaus had always been the fun uncle that had Amelia sometimes turning her back on being compassionate to being impulsive and reckless. It never lasted long, and her uncle Nik was surly frowned upon for it. Hope and Henry were Amelia's cousin's that she was frequently with. She often found herself amazed with the fact that Henry was part witch, other part werewolf, and that Hope was the same to her little sister, Raegan, as a vampire/witch.


Amelia has a very forgiving and compassionate heart, with her own bubbly add in. She can never stay too mad at someone for too long and has always found a way to bring out the good in people. She's quick with her tongue and won't hesitate to snap at you if you insult or threaten a loved one. Being the oldest in her family, she took hold of a few of Elijah's lecturing skills, and can guilt trip just about anyone to doing anything she wanted. She also has a more intimate and personal side of her, which is her giddy, flirty, and slightly impulsive side. Amelia isn't afraid to show off either, and if you challange her, you might as well have signed youself up for loosing.


Amelia Mikaelson was born on the 26th Of December. She lived with in Mystic falls with her extended family until she was the age of 16, to which then her and her siblings went to live in New Orleans. As Kol Mikaelson's daughter, she quickly caught the eye of her uncle's old friend, Marcel. As creepy as it sounded, he often magically showed up when she would turn up for a show at the bar, sustaining a quick bond with her. At first he hadn't known she was a witch, but eventually figured it out when she used magic to save him.

At the age of 18, she was faced with a tragic accident and was turned into a vampire. It was then, when her emotions her hightened, that she realized her love for Marcel. And currently (or in my mind at least) they've stayed in New Orleans, training new vampires and witches to run the supernatural hot spot.

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