Elizabeth Emma Salvatore
Emma Salvatore

Elizabeth Emma Salvatore (10 years old)

NickNames: Lizzy, Bethy, Liz, Emma, little Salvatore.

Known Siblings: Stefan and Damon Salvatore

Known Parents: Giuseppe Salvatore and Mary Salvatore

BirthDate: 1852 - December 5th

BestFriends: Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, Jeremy Gilbert, Hayley Marshall, Rebecca Mikealson, Tyler Lockwood, Matt donoven, Bonnie Bennett, Kathrine Pierce, Kol Mikealson, Alaric

Known Boyfriend: Jeremy Gilbert

Early Life:

Elizabeth Emma Salvatore, born in 1852, younger sister too Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore. In Elizabeth's human life, she was adored. Known by almost everyone in her town, and spoiled by her entire family.

She exceled in Violin and was an amazing artist in her childhood years, even got an award at the founders day party for a painting she had made. Though her life wasn't all work and no play, whenever Damon came back from the war, the three siblings would all engage in a game of football, or pass the football to the other person.

Elizabeth had a strange feeling about Katherine pierce, she hadn't the slighest idea of what to think of her. She never knew exactly what she was, but she did know both her brothers were in love with her. She also knew that Kathrine only spent time with her to get closer to the family, Figures.

On the last night of her Human life, Elizabeth knew something was wrong. It was her tenth birthday and she wasn't being babied by either of her brothers, one was going off to the army again, and the other was taking Kathrine on a date! It wasn't until she saw her brothers shot before her own eyes by her father, that she knew something was wrong.

Rebecca Mikealson had found Lizzy nealing by her brothers dead bodies, sympathy wore over her. To make the child like her brothers, she turned her into a vampire. But then took her away to live with the
Tumblr m2r9nhKQXc1rplqido1 500-1-

Elizabeth Emma Salvatore (As a vampire)

Mikealson family.

For the next three years, Elizabeth lived with Rebecca, Klaus, Kol, and Elijah. Learning the ways of a vampire, but also how to act like a normal human and resist the blood drinking Urge. 'Elijah taught her the histoy of his family, while Kol taught her how to have fun with humans once in a while. So you can imagine she got to learn quite a lot.

On her supposive 13th birthday, she vanished from the Mikealson mansion, going off to adventure the world for herself.  She could take care of herself anyways. There was even a point in the 1920's when the girl went to New orleans in search of the mikealson family, and possibly her brothers. It stayed like that for 162 years, before Elizabeth arrived in modern day Mystic falls, finding a lot more then a simple small town.

The Story Continues:

In 2012, september 14th, the salvatore brothers welcomed a guest into their house. Their sister. Elizabeth had fitten in quite well with the Trio for a child vampire, though her age bothered her quite much. So much that after she had Bonnie Bennett cast a spell to turn her into a 17 year old, like her older brother stefan.

Jeremy and Elizabeth, former best friends, ended up becoming something more after the change. Boyfriend and girlfriend, despite Jeremy's bad habit of wanting to kill vampires.

Somewhere in the middle, Elizabeth survived highschool, Seeing the originals again, and the birth of her own daughter Evelyn.


Elizabeth has a very personal relationship with both her brothers, espically Damon who she takes as a role model. Though, she tends to act like both of her brothers'. Much like Damon with her recklessness, but much like Stefan because of her good nature. She strives to make them proud, succeding most of the time. She couldn't take it if either brother were mad at her.


Elizabeth's relationship with the youngest gilbert is comlicated. See, when she was physically ten years old, they were best friends. Now that she's his age, they've become more. But that doesn't mean that they're friendship is completely over, but it also doesn't mean that they're friendship is completely there.
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Elizabeth and Jeremy

They know they both love each other, more then friends obviously. But there still is friendship there, and that friendship gets in the way most of the time. And its not like Damon or Stefan agree wth the two's relationship, so its consently Elizabeth being grounded or stuck on house arrest. But when Elizabeth turns up pregnant, there isn't much anyone can do to keep the pair away from each other.


Elizabeth is naturally attracted to things with brightness, like vibrant colors or the sun (thank god for the sun ring). She's clever, plus she acts like Damon, which makes her dangerous like Damon. Thankfully, she also has Stefan's good nature, which keeps her out of trouble most of the time.

As she grows into her teenage appearence, she starts to be more like Damon. Reckless, Arrogent, and sarcastic. But she still has Stefan's good nature, but that only helps so much. Though she's still annoyed by human Teenage boys, not counting Jeremy becuase he's a vampire hunter of course.
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Elizabeth in School

She has always seen Kathrine as some kind of big sister, weirdly enough. Like the kind of big sister you laugh and have fun with, but don't exactly connect personally with. And of course always had a strong friendship with Elena, Caroline, Hayley, Tyler, and Matt. And a weird father bond with Alaric...

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