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Elena Gilbert is a current character. This is a page dedicated to her character in Taylor Manton's version of Season 5.

Elena GilbertEdit

Elena Gilbert was a Doppelganger and unknowingly a Traveller Witch. She was the adoptive sister and biological cousin of Jeremy Gilbert, adoptive daughter of Miranda Gilbert and Grayson Gilbert, daughter of John Gilbert and Isobel Saltzman, biological niece of Grayson Gilbert and adoptive niece of Jenna Sommers.

She became a Vampire in Season 4.

Early LifeEdit

Elena grew up in a happy home with Miranda, Grayson and Jeremy.

She was dating Matt Donovan pre-series, and they broke up when her parents died in a car accident that she survived because of Stefan Salvatore.

She previously had a relationship with Stefan Salvatore, though she is now dating his brother Damon Salvatore.


Traveller Witch (Originally)

Doppelganger (Currently)

Vampire (Currently)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Graduation
Portrayed By Nina Dobrev

Petrova Family

Gilbert Family


Jeremy Gilbert

Isobel Saltzman/Flemmings

John Gilbert

Grayson Gilbert


Tatia Salvatore

Kaherine Pierce

Nadia Petrova


Matt Donovan

Stefan Salvatore

Damon Salvatore


Mystic Falls Gang

The Travellers

Died In Not Dead

The Vampire Diaries (Taylor Manton's)Edit

Season 5Edit

Elena has enjoyed a great summer with Damon, however, she can't keep her mind off of Stefan and what he must be doing at that moment. She prepared to go to Whitmore College with Caroline, Matt and Tyler, with Bonnie ditching to learn more about her Witch Heritage. The truth is, Bonnie is dead, stuck on The Other Side, with her making Jeremy lie to all of her friends.

Elena returns to Mystic Falls when Silas comes back, and tries to help Stefan turn his humanity back on.

Elena tricks Silas into giving her a Cure. She becomes a Traveller Witch again and does the spell to swap his life for Bonnie's. Unbeknownst to Elena, Qetsiyah hijacks her spell and she returns instead.

Elena is attacked by Qetsiyah, who wants to swap Elena's Vampirism with Amara's Immortality and Anchor status so as to make her the Anchor and Cure and kill Amara, leaving her and Silas separated forever.

Qetsiyah is swapped for Bonnie by Lucy, a fact that Elena and Amara are both elated about.

Elena is attacked by Katherine/Tatia and is almost killed several times. She force feeds Bonnie's Cure to Katherine/Tatia.

Season 6Edit



As a Traveller Witch/Doppelganger:

  • Traveller Magic

As a Vampire/Doppelganger:

  • Advanced Speed
  • Advanced Strength
  • Advanced Agility
  • Fangs
  • Compulsion


As a Traveller Witch/Doppelganger:

  • Human Means of Death

As a Vampire/Doppelganger:

  • Sunlight
  • Wooden Stake to the Heart
  • Werewolf/Hybrid Toxin
  • Vervain
  • Magic

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