Vampire Faces

Vampires. They do not exist...or so I thought


My name is Rosannah Lee, I've just turned eighteen, I'm from a small old-fashioned village in England, but I came to live in Mystic Falls. I got taken into care, then adopted by Sheela Bennett, because my Dad died and my Mum got depressed and needed help. She's told me about the only two supernatural beings: Witches and werewolves. There aren't any fairies, geinies, vampires, grim reapers or devils, just witches and werewolves. There aren't many werewolves left, but they're still there. I don't live with her now, I live in a flat near the grill so I'm not a pain in the neck to Sheela. I should mention now that due to my generally cold personality, I get into fights, and win them most the time. The only downside is is that because it requires a lot of energy, I go through a lot of lollipops and sherbert, because I've got hypoglycemia. In case you didn't know, it's when you have to have sugar, or you die. Yeah, it sucks, but as long as I keep sugary stuff handy, I can feel when I need the sugar so it's fine. I'm currently supporting my good friend, Elena Gilbert, who's just lost her parents. She's starting Junior year when I'm starting Senior year, and I don't think her teachers are going to give her the sympathy any more. That's why I'm gonna try to get her back into reality. Tomorrow, when we go back to school, I'm going to not ask her about her parents, and if anyone else asks, I'll tell them not to so she can let go.