Nathaniel Buzolic "Kol Mikaelson"

Kol Mikaelson is a current character. This is a page dedicated to his character in Taylor Manton's version of Season 5.

Kol MikaelsonEdit

Kol Mikaelson was an Original Vampire. He was an antagonist in the series.

Kol was staked with the whiteoak stake and killed by Jeremy Gilbert, with assistance from Elena Gilbert.

Kol currently resides on The Other Side.

Early LifeEdit

Kol lived in a village in the area that was to become Mystic Falls over 1000 years ago. He lived there with his brothers Fin, Elijah, Niklaus and Henrik, his sister Rebekah, his mother Esther and his father Mikael.

When his brother Henrik was killed by a Werewolf, Kol and the rest of his siblings were turned into the Original Vampires by their mother's magic and their father's will.

Kol and his siblings were then chased and hunted by Mikael for the next millenium, during which time Kol was daggered by mystical daggers and put into a deep sleep an unknown amount of times for an unknown period of times.

Kol was killed in Season Four's episode A View to a Kill.


Warlock (Originally)

Original Vampire (Formerly)

Ghost (Currently)

First Seen Bringing out the Dead
Last Seen Graduation
Portrayed By Nathaniel Buzolic
Family Mikaelson Family



Unnamed Older Brother

Fin Mikaelson

Elijah Mikaelson

Niklaus Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

Hayley and Klaus' Unborn Unnamed Baby

Relationships None

The Original Vampires

Ghosts of The Other Side

Died In A View to a Kill

 The Vampire Diaries (Taylor Manton's)Edit

Season 5Edit

Kol makes a guest appearance during Stefan's short travels to The Other Side. Kol sets the church on fire, burning Stefan. He then pulls Stefan's heart out, killing him, making him awaken and drown again.

Season 6Edit



As a Warlock:

  • Magic

As an Original Vampire:

  • Advanced Speed
  • Advanced Agility
  • Advanced Strength
  • Human Compulsion
  • Vampire Compulsion
  • Werewolf Toxin Invulnerability
  • Wooden Stake Invulnerability

As a Ghost:

  • Immortality
  • Intangibility


As a Warlock:

  • Human Means of Death
  • Overuse of Magic

As an Original Vampire:

  • White Ash and Mystical Dagger
  • White Oak Stake
  • Vervain
  • Sunlight

As a Ghost:

  • Magic

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