Zach Roerig "Matt Donovan"

Matt Donovan is a current character. This is a page dedicated to his character in Taylor Manton's version of Season 5.

Matt DonovanEdit

Matt has always been the guy that everybody (except maybe Damon) likes. He's funny, witty, and not bad to look at.

Matt is a Medium. (though the writers seem to have forgotten that)

Early LifeEdit

Matt's father left when he was young, so he grew up with his older sister Vicky and his mother.

Matt's mother was hardly ever home, always away with her boyfriends.

Matt dated and was dumped by Elena Gilbert when her parents died pre-series.

Species Medium (Currently)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Graduation
Portrayed By Zach Roerig
Family Donovan Family

Unnamed Father

Kelly Donovan

Vicky Donovan


Elena Gilbert

Caroline Forbes

Had a crush on Faith

Grouping Mystic Falls Gang
Died In Alive

 The Vampire Diaries (Taylor Manton's)Edit

Season 5Edit

Matt returned from Europe with Rebekah, who soon left. Matt went with Caroline, Elena and Tyler to Whitmore College, where he met Faith Holloway.

Matt discovered that Faith was a Witch and a descendant of Damon Salvatore, who had had a night of passion in an inn while drunk and fighting in the Civil War. Matt discovered what Faith did for Shane and judged her unfairly for it.

Matt returned to Mystic Falls with Caroline after Qetsiyah's visit to Whitmore.

Matt helped Jeremy try to handle Bonnie and her new magic, whilst the others in the group tried to stop Katherine and Nadia.

Matt watches as Elena, Stefan, Damon, Jeremy and Bonnie take on Katherine and Nadia.

Season 6Edit



  • Seeing/speaking to Ghosts on The Other Side


  • Human means of death

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