The Vampire Diaries Season 5

The Vampire Diaries - Cast of Season 5

This is a list of episodes in Taylor Manton's version of Season 5.


Episode Description
Whitmore and Away

Matt has returned from Europe with Rebekah. Jeremy has been enjoying life on this side of the veil, keeping Bonnie's secret for the entire summer. Katherine has been surviving, and aging. Elena and Damon have had the summer of their lives, believing that Bonnie was off discovering her Witch heritage. Caroline and Tyler plan to reunite at Whitmore College. Stefan has been drowning in the summer repeatedly, over and over again, each time visiting The Other Side as he drowns.

Silas has returned to Mystic Falls, most of the gang have gone to Whitmore. Washington D.C, a dying Katherine, an anchor to The Other Side. What is awaiting the gang as they make their way to the country's capital?

-The name comes from the fact that the gang get to Whitmore in this episode and are almost immediately away.

2000 Years Apart

The Travellers have double-crossed an Immortal. As the Traveller Witches face certain doom, the Mystic Falls Gang search in desperation through the capital city to find Amara, the Anchor to The Other Side and Doppelganger of Elena and Katherine.

Silas uses his powers of the mind to help him defeat the Travellers, but when he hears the feint thoughts of an unknown mind, he searches desperately for his lost love.

-The name comes from the reunition of Silas and Amara after 2000 years apart.

The Sacrifice in Blood -The name comes from the fact that Lucy has to sacrifice Bennett blood to Silas in order to channel him to create the Cure.
Another Cure -The name comes from the creation of another Cure for Immortality made by Silas.
End of the Affair -The name comes from the end of the affair between Silas and Amara, with Silas cheating on Qetsiyah.
The Returned -The name comes from the fact that "Bonnie" is acting strangely once returned from The Other Side.
Descent into Darkness -The name comes from the fact that Mystic Falls and it's inhabitants are headed towards darkness caused by the magic of the main antagonist.
All Good Souls -The name comes from the fact that the magic of a lot of Witch Ghosts is used to break Sheila and Bonnie out of Purgatory.
The Dead in the Living -The name comes from the fact that Matt and Meredith witness Faith's powers to draw the dead Ghosts on The Other Side into her living body.
Of Magic and Monsters -The name comes from the fact that Qetsiyah is fighting off all of the creatures/monsters in an attempt to reach Tyler Lockwood.
Bulgaria -The name comes from the fact that Amara, Matt and Jeremy head to Bulgaria, with Lucy, Nadia and Katherine already being there.
The Bennett's Plan -The name comes from the hatching of Lucy's plan to get rid of Qetsiyah.
Return of the Petrova -The name comes from the fact that Katherine and Nadia return to Mystic Falls in this episode.
The Bennett Witches -The name comes from the fact that the magic of four Bennett Witches, Qetsiyah, Lucy, Sheila and Bonnie, is used in this episode for a pinical point in the storyline.
Magic of the Dead -The name comes from the after-effects of Qetsiyah's spell on Bonnie.
The Fall -The name comes from Bonnie's fall into Dark Magic.
The Rise -The name comes from Bonnie's rise into Spirit Magic.
The Plan -The name comes from Bonnie's plan to get rid of Katherine forever.
A Lost Love -The name comes from the fact that Elena and Damon finally break up in this episode.
Expression of Darkness -The name comes from the fact that Bonnie draws on the Expression Triangle and her Darkness from Qetsiyah to take the first step in her plan.
The Trap -The name comes from the fact that the characters make several attempts to trap Katherine and Nadia in this episode.
The Other Cure -The name comes from the fact that Bonnie creates the other cure to use against Katherine.