Wake is the eighth episode of the Fourth Season and the seventy-fourth episode in the series. (Fanfic by ShadowLian) To see the season summary again, click here.


WELCOME TO DEATH TOWN – While attending Shane’s funeral along with Mirabel, Bonnie notices a girl she remembers from the professor’s office that intentions seem very shady. As Tyler now spends a lot of time with Hayley and new hybrid friend Chris, Caroline gets more and more suspicious of the shewolf’s motives for being in Mystic Falls. Matt and Noelle take their relationship to a totally new level and in the meantime April confesses her feelings to Jeremy. Damon, who is still trying to cope with his loss of Elena, keeps himself away of his brother and gets to know the beautiful Jasmine, while getting drunk at the Grill. The Town Council, which recently calmed down, is now getting rebellious again, because the number of deaths in town raises again. Elena and Stefan got their hands full with trying to convince them they’re innocent.


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  • main antagonists: none.
  • The title refers to the funeral of Atticus Shane and all the dead bodies that are found in town.